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kneecaps are the unfortunate casualties of all trampolining adventures

After long (and fucking painful) deliberation, I have decided to got to Brown. I still can't believe that I'm turning down Berkeley, which was my big shining goal when I started out this whole process, but in the end I decided that Brown would be the best place to finish out my undergrad years.

Had a wonderful Saturday with Andrea and Sophia; we went into San Francisco and ate chocolate at Ghiradelli Square for a few hours (while the crepe place was a place of Myth and Wonder, Ghiradelli Square was definitely all wonder. wonder and BEAUTY.). The next day punished me with what I have to assume was food poisoning. I woke up and figured that I probably wasn't all that sick and that I should still make my little sister's graduation, which took place at Pebble Beach. About an hour into the car ride I threw up all over myself and had to sneak into my little sister's dorm room without any pants on. I changed into a pair of her clothes, which most notably featured a pair of jeans several sizes to big that ended up being very comfy, in a huge, soft, flannel-y way. I slept in her room through the ceremony, we drove home, I vomited again about twenty minutes in, although this time I had cleverly stolen my little sister's plastic trick-or-treat bucket.

All in all it was kind of miserable day, but luckily I woke up much improved. I spent a lot of today learning tricks on the trampoline from dad, who also attempted to teach me how to do a hand stand. I think my longest hold is for about three seconds; I'm not strong enough for anything longer.

I am very much in need of summer employment/activity, as I decided to go to the one school that wouldn't require me to go to summer school. Craigslist is currently failing me. I can't stand the idea of doing nothing all summer. Any suggestions welcome, folks.
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