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Jimi Hendrix thinks he can chop down trees with the edge of his hand. SOMEBODY HELP HIM.

For the 19th year running I fell asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve. I did, however, consume something like a thimble of eggnog (seriously, that shit is strong), so I count the festivity quota as having been filled.

My little sister apparently forgot to write her college applications. It is unclear how one would do that, but all the same if sent me into a fit of paranoia that ended in me typing up a four page masterlist of everything I need to know for my own applications. The more I think about it, all I really, really need is to get into either ucla or cal, and I'll be fine, but this will in no way prevent me from agonizing about all my other apps until May.

In other news, I need a eggnog latte like I need my next breath. Starbucks, HOW SO FAR AWAY?
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