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yeah? well Eric Clapton believes in SHOOTING YOU IN THE FACE

And thus begins the journey to find gainful employment--I've filed applications at bookstores, clothing stores, even as a Mighty Mites coach (to the uninitiated, this means teaching five year olds how to ski). I have the problem of never having worked before or having any references, but perhaps my true character will shine through in such comments as "can provide viable US work permit" and "am over age 18". I feel success is just about to happen!

In other news, I saw Twilight last weekend with my little sister, and all I have to say is BRB LOLLING FOREVER. Seriously, this was the most hilarious movie I've seen in a while, and you should all go watch Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson glare paley at one another as they INCREDIBLY AWKWARDLY brush fingers across the table. I feel gofugyourself summed up the character of Edward nicely with, "You must not love me BUT I LOVE YOU but stay away BUT NOT TOO FAR AWAY let me stare at you NO I MUSTN'T but I will LET ME TOE-LOOP MY FEELINGS don't look at me EXCEPT DO I am dangerous TIME TO SPARKLE".

I think this should be my final exam war cry--you sit down with 70 of your closest friends, open your blue books and scream out TIME TO SPARKLE, PEOPLE.
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