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Exterminating an Entire Dance Troop With a Single Arrow!

I have almost completely moved in for the new semester, although I long for a rug that costs less than $120. I've only had one class so far (Jane Austen seminar), which looks good.

I went to MIT last night for ballroom dances sans Alysha, whose immune system is decidedly flaky, and found that I have no dancing ability whatsoever. We were being taught to rumba in a giant circle of about a hundred people by this camp Austrian ballroom dancing Jedi Master and I simply could. not. do it. He actually tried to sort out which leg I was putting my weight on and then announced to the class "You know, ballroom dancing isn't for everybody. A lot of it is discipline, but," tossing a long mournful glance at me, "not for everybody." It was still nice to get off campus.

Fall fling was today, and I've signed up for ski team, which will hopefully work out this year, and archery, in order to further my mission of becoming Jean Luc Picard. Why he never actually demonstrates his archery abilities, I am sure he has them. A girl from the pre-dental society seems intent on getting me into teeth and followed me around for a while jabbing an enormously oversized toothbrush at me. Am considering introducing her to Dr. Nerad, so as to stop stalking and traumatize her forever.

Latin, Eros, and Restoration Lit tomorrow; Latin terrifies.
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