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Date:2010-03-03 09:13
Subject:I Was a Canine Felon
Mood: tired

Ever since I came here, it's been impossible for me to wake up later than 6:30 or so, which isn't actually that much of a problem except when, as happened last night, I end up going to sleep around 3. Wintry mix continues to be the bane of my existence, East Side Market has inexplicably good mangoes, I'm reading like a crazy thing and was, inconceivably, bid upon by a fraternity last night. Must now go complete reading, and have hot chocolate.

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Date:2009-08-15 14:13
Subject:All in the golden afternoon
Mood: floaty

I count trees. For the government. I now know trees like Vanna White knows the alphabet, and you have the stimulus bill to thank for it. It's crushingly boring, but it does pay and, hopefully, the people who will in the future see "AmeriCorps" on my resumé won't be curious enough to ask exactly what I did. I work with Tristan, a 23-year-old graduate of San José State who, while very nice, is prone to start conversations that go like this:

"If you had to be a Coast Live Oak or a Mock Orange Pittasporum, which would you choose?"


"Really. If you had to choose."

"Coast Live Oak."

"Ok, ok--if you had to be a Coast Live Oak or a Deodar Cedar, which would you choose?"

"Still Coast Live Oak."

He can do this for a very, very long time . After a few bouts of this I told him point blank that my favorite tree was the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, but this doesn't seem to have dampened his enthusiasm much. The first week was torturous because of the heat and intense boredom, but it's better now that the weather's cooled and I'm learning that after about 45 minutes my mind goes blissfully, completely numb.

Other developments:

My little sister is moving into Berkeley next Sunday, and I'm insanely envious. I wonder how many times I'm going to be in Berkeley these coming months, under the guise of Checking Up On Kristina. I'm actually really curious as to how she'll handle Berkeley--she's not as academically qualified as a lot of the kids, and she's very used to having her family take care of her in all aspects of her life.

My Dad's car is in for repairs and he has been given a Mini Cooper to use in the meantime, which I am currently driving. This is, no joke, the funnest care ever. I love it. I don't want a car, but if I did, it would be this one. I have also been led to believe by very reliable sources (i.e. repeated viewings of the Italian Job) that if I owned a Mini I would be fully qualified to start a career as an international bank robber.

I bought a coconut out of curiosity today and broke it open on the front patio. This ended mostly in disappointment--the meat is tasteless, as is the milk. The only real draw is that I can legitimately smack hard objects against brick surfaces with the appearance that I am foraging for food, Tarzan style.

I downloaded the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack (props go to one_blankpage for recommending it) and have been listening to the opening piano track for four days now, lamenting both my lack of any musical talent whatsoever and the fact that we no longer have town balls that involve dances with complicated steps and clapping that everybody somehow knows. Although, if my experiences with ballroom dancing last year are anything to go on, it's perhaps best if the general public were protected from my dancing skills.

How is everybody?

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Date:2009-07-01 20:09
Subject:don't improve on perfection
Mood: discontent

The BBC is apparently remaking The Prisoner.


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Date:2009-06-25 09:35
Subject:Note to future self: 7-11 does not carry groceries
Mood: not awake yet

I drove up to Squaw Valley last night with Jean Luc curled in the passenger seat and, after listening to NPR for two hours, realized that I'm literally becoming my mother. When I was a kid I would beg her not to turn the news on, and I remember this ritual wherein the moment we got in the car I'd start babbling nonstop so that she wouldn't be able to turn on the radio. It's not that I hated the news, I just hated that it was so much more interesting than I was.

Squaw Valley is perfect and beautiful, as it usually is; I have an unobstructed view of the entire valley and a refrigerator full of spoiled food. I have to go down tomorrow afternoon, but I'm happy to have a break from home and all the animals. It's such a bizarre relief to only have to take care of one, even if he's getting to the point where he can't really go up stairs without help. Jean Luc's 14 years old and has lived with me for 12 of them, and part of me is happy that I don't start school until Spring because that makes it more likely that I'll be able to be with him when he dies.

I'm reading a book called Kon-Tiki, sent to me out of the blue by a woman I had dinner with two months ago who wants me to properly appreciate the accomplishments of my Norwegian forefathers. I'm currently appreciating that, in 1946, six crazy Scandinavians decided they were going to float a raft from Peru to the South Sea Islands. These are my illustrious forebears, tremble.

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Date:2009-06-16 09:51
Subject:Disinterested Nibbler is Disinterested
Mood: curious

I woke up this morning with my mother shaking me.

"You need to get up and dressed. The pipe's been leaking in the bathroom and the roof is about to collapse into the garage."

I turned over. "Well. THAT'S dramatic."

Three minutes pass.


So now there are people at the house making sure that that (hopefully) doesn't happen, which involved a lot of men in blue jump suits running around the house while I munched thoughtfully on Corn Pops at the top of the stairs, peering downwards.

Went to Coupa Cafe yesterday with Jiao and Andrea, which was beyond excellent, in spite of random creeper dudes who entered the scene at the very end. Douce, baby, what we had was good while it lasted. I have also possibly got a job, which is excellent, and I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that they'll hire me. nove_verite needs to call me so we can get together while she's still at home.

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Date:2009-05-25 15:08
Subject:kneecaps are the unfortunate casualties of all trampolining adventures
Mood: bouncy (literally)

After long (and fucking painful) deliberation, I have decided to got to Brown. I still can't believe that I'm turning down Berkeley, which was my big shining goal when I started out this whole process, but in the end I decided that Brown would be the best place to finish out my undergrad years.

Had a wonderful Saturday with Andrea and Sophia; we went into San Francisco and ate chocolate at Ghiradelli Square for a few hours (while the crepe place was a place of Myth and Wonder, Ghiradelli Square was definitely all wonder. wonder and BEAUTY.). The next day punished me with what I have to assume was food poisoning. I woke up and figured that I probably wasn't all that sick and that I should still make my little sister's graduation, which took place at Pebble Beach. About an hour into the car ride I threw up all over myself and had to sneak into my little sister's dorm room without any pants on. I changed into a pair of her clothes, which most notably featured a pair of jeans several sizes to big that ended up being very comfy, in a huge, soft, flannel-y way. I slept in her room through the ceremony, we drove home, I vomited again about twenty minutes in, although this time I had cleverly stolen my little sister's plastic trick-or-treat bucket.

All in all it was kind of miserable day, but luckily I woke up much improved. I spent a lot of today learning tricks on the trampoline from dad, who also attempted to teach me how to do a hand stand. I think my longest hold is for about three seconds; I'm not strong enough for anything longer.

I am very much in need of summer employment/activity, as I decided to go to the one school that wouldn't require me to go to summer school. Craigslist is currently failing me. I can't stand the idea of doing nothing all summer. Any suggestions welcome, folks.

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Date:2009-05-16 19:20
Subject:I currently approve of ontd's obsession with Chris Pine. Approve so hard .
Mood: indecisive

So, in the end, it comes down to UC Berkeley or Brown. I honestly can't decide, something my 16-year-old freshman applicant self would find both appalling and bewildering.

Your thoughts, give them to me.

Also, today I lay in the grass and my bare belly saw the sun for the first time in eight years and now it is completely red and I am praying on bended knee that it turns into a tan by tomorrow morning (which is what usually happens with me, fortunately) and does not turn into a sunburn. Because, you know, SUNBURNED STOMACH = JFC OW.

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Date:2009-05-14 14:33
Subject:Campbellian Journey
Mood: ecstatic

I got into Brown. I can't believe it. I'm so happy I can't actually stand it, but nobody's going to be home until Sunday. I feel like there's this small, tightly contained ball of electric joy inside my chest with nowhere to go. Going to go trampoline my feelings out : )

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Date:2009-03-17 20:32
Subject:his name was sasoon. amen.

I am finally, finally done with applications.

I didn't sleep for two days, couldn't type by the time I finished, couldn't sleep for several hours after the deadline (midnight) and my desk is now a tiny holocaust of diet coke cans and microwavable meals containers,

but I'm done , so whatever.

Many, many, many thanks to everybody who helped me out, I'm sure I was a pain to deal with. I literally don't have any idea what to do with my time anymore--I dropped by my old middle school and offered to volunteer, bought some books (am furiously reading watchmen before I have to return it to jiao tomorrow at lunch), hiked a lot...and...am now looking up good museums in san francisco. Peeps, gimme some ideas of what to do with myself.

Also, Re: the recent policy changes at Swells (dining halls, wintersession, health services, housing)


p.s. went by 99 Ranch today, and while I realize 'Prepared Shredded Squid' doesn't sound good they are *damn* tasty.

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Date:2009-02-04 21:44
Subject:not mentioned on the tin

something they don't tell you about pugs--how goddamn loudly they snore. apparently this has something to do with the fact that they have no snout or can't ventilate properly or something in that vein.

it's like having a very small, very cute freight train in my bed.

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Date:2009-01-27 19:14
Subject:disbelief is for the weak

We now have 19 dogs.

He's a pug from the pound, kind of skinny, face like he ran headlong into a concrete wall. Peter wants to call him Monty. My mother promises (really!) that this is it, that she's done, and I finally believe her--we simply can't have any more dogs. We've reached capacity.

On an unrelated note, I became violently ill for no apparent reason around noon and am in a slow recovery that involves me drinking lots of tonic water, which for some reason feels very soothing.

Also, we're calling him Percy, fuck the haters.

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Date:2009-01-01 13:13
Subject:Jimi Hendrix thinks he can chop down trees with the edge of his hand. SOMEBODY HELP HIM.
Mood: bitchy

For the 19th year running I fell asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve. I did, however, consume something like a thimble of eggnog (seriously, that shit is strong), so I count the festivity quota as having been filled.

My little sister apparently forgot to write her college applications. It is unclear how one would do that, but all the same if sent me into a fit of paranoia that ended in me typing up a four page masterlist of everything I need to know for my own applications. The more I think about it, all I really, really need is to get into either ucla or cal, and I'll be fine, but this will in no way prevent me from agonizing about all my other apps until May.

In other news, I need a eggnog latte like I need my next breath. Starbucks, HOW SO FAR AWAY?

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Date:2008-12-05 14:51
Subject:yeah? well Eric Clapton believes in SHOOTING YOU IN THE FACE
Mood: busy

And thus begins the journey to find gainful employment--I've filed applications at bookstores, clothing stores, even as a Mighty Mites coach (to the uninitiated, this means teaching five year olds how to ski). I have the problem of never having worked before or having any references, but perhaps my true character will shine through in such comments as "can provide viable US work permit" and "am over age 18". I feel success is just about to happen!

In other news, I saw Twilight last weekend with my little sister, and all I have to say is BRB LOLLING FOREVER. Seriously, this was the most hilarious movie I've seen in a while, and you should all go watch Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson glare paley at one another as they INCREDIBLY AWKWARDLY brush fingers across the table. I feel gofugyourself summed up the character of Edward nicely with, "You must not love me BUT I LOVE YOU but stay away BUT NOT TOO FAR AWAY let me stare at you NO I MUSTN'T but I will LET ME TOE-LOOP MY FEELINGS don't look at me EXCEPT DO I am dangerous TIME TO SPARKLE".

I think this should be my final exam war cry--you sit down with 70 of your closest friends, open your blue books and scream out TIME TO SPARKLE, PEOPLE.

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Date:2008-11-08 11:51
Subject:my tower, secure; my cause is noble, my power is pure
Mood: happy

I just cooked chicken mango sausages I bought at a specialty foods store here in Laguna Niguel. Odd, but tasty. In other news, it's 80 degrees, the ocean is shining, and I am looking forward to many hours of ripping the caulking out of the shower and painting the house. Life is most agreeable : )

Think I may go down to the beach later, or else watch movie. Again, life is most agreeable.

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Date:2008-09-03 13:37
Subject:Exterminating an Entire Dance Troop With a Single Arrow!
Mood: calm

I have almost completely moved in for the new semester, although I long for a rug that costs less than $120. I've only had one class so far (Jane Austen seminar), which looks good.

I went to MIT last night for ballroom dances sans Alysha, whose immune system is decidedly flaky, and found that I have no dancing ability whatsoever. We were being taught to rumba in a giant circle of about a hundred people by this camp Austrian ballroom dancing Jedi Master and I simply could. not. do it. He actually tried to sort out which leg I was putting my weight on and then announced to the class "You know, ballroom dancing isn't for everybody. A lot of it is discipline, but," tossing a long mournful glance at me, "not for everybody." It was still nice to get off campus.

Fall fling was today, and I've signed up for ski team, which will hopefully work out this year, and archery, in order to further my mission of becoming Jean Luc Picard. Why he never actually demonstrates his archery abilities, I am sure he has them. A girl from the pre-dental society seems intent on getting me into teeth and followed me around for a while jabbing an enormously oversized toothbrush at me. Am considering introducing her to Dr. Nerad, so as to stop stalking and traumatize her forever.

Latin, Eros, and Restoration Lit tomorrow; Latin terrifies.

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Date:2008-05-18 13:17
Subject:I'm not sure people can fit onto clothes hangers
Mood: anxious

Right now my life is ruled by two things: my supply of packing tape and my grasp of the Aeneid.

I have too little of both.

I'm in the 4th floor Lulu dining room, and everybody is studyingstudyingstudying.

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Date:2008-05-13 15:41
Subject:how many external hard drives do I even *have*?
Mood: studystudystudy

studying for finals, bleargh. three days to take four finals, pack up and leave. hoofuckingrah. Went to a concert at MSG, life is different, I am one big bruise, most amazing thing ever. Can't wait to get home, although will finally have to figure out what I'm doing for the next three months once I get there.

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Date:2008-04-17 12:30
Subject:the long line out the door obviously doesn't realize it's a magic trick
Mood: happy

I never knew how much the weather affected my mood until I moved to the east coast--I'm definitely moving back west after college, or at least to someplace with a better climate. For a while, it was mostly cold days with the rare warm days sprinkled in, which was an occasion for me to dress up and lose my coat. Now it's like it dress up day every day! Must get more spring dresses.

The end of term is worrisomely close, although I realize for the first time since I came to college I don't have a huge lit crit essay due--just shorter papers, about 6-10 pages. Asthma's been less of a problem this year than it has been in the past, probably due to the medical single (my love to Diane o'Leary, resident housing guru). I put in contacts yesterday for the first time in almost two months, and every time I caught myself in the mirror it was startling; I look so different without them. I am of course paying for this today, with red eyes. Oh, vanity.

Also, prospies! They're so young! They try to hard! They actually care about how they present themselves! Prospie week always lifts my spirits because a) I am reminded that Wellesley is actually very desirable and popular school to people who aren't me b) spring! c) better food d) OHMA petting zoo. Got my hands filthy yesterday petting a goat and her kid. Then went to Roche Brothers and got brie, crackers, strawberries, watermelon, and other good things. It was good fruit, too : )


Ok, off to lab now.

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Date:2008-03-28 11:39
Subject:we use 14 spices, 10 of which are peppers
Mood: calm

Spring break has been pretty uneventful--the first few days with mom and my sister were good, but since then I've been alone in house taking care of the animals, which is really only a problem because it entails me getting up for an hour early in the morning, after which it's hard to get back to sleep. I am recovering nicely from what shall henceforth be known as the Eye Ulcer Incident of 2008 (SERIOUSLY), although it has yet to be determined if I can ever wear contact lenses again. I need to find something to do this summer, if at all possible it would be something that I don't have to apply for : (

gacked from lstaff:

How many songs total: 7,889
How many hours or days of music: 21.4 days
Most recently played: Red Carpet Grave by Marilyn Madison
Most recently added: The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band

Sort by song title:
First Song: À Ma Place by Axel Bauer
Last Song: *** by Regina Spektor (you and me both, lstaff)

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: (Four Seconds of Noise) by Hot Hot Heat (0:04) (it's like we're twins!)
Longest Song: The Cirlce, by Eddie Izzard (1:21:34)

First album: A-Sides (by Soundgarden)
first complete album: Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned by The Prodigy
Last album: 1998 Grammy Nominees
last complete album: 300 Lésions
First song that comes up on Shuffle: Younger Than Springtime off of the South Pacific OST

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 43
Life - 78
Love - 310
Hate - 26
You - 814
Sex - 48

so, in descending order, my computer is trying to tell me You Love Life Sex? What is Life Sex? Is it really really good sex? LIFE-GIVING, even? Cancer-healing?

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Date:2008-02-24 20:50
Subject:yodeling is totally harder than it looks
Mood: full

I just got back from the campus center, where I read some Othello and had another hilarious round with Chinese Sandwich Guy.

Let me clarify--I fucking love Chinese Sandwich Guy. Seriously, we are *tight*, I tell you, even if I don't know his name. I get tired of dining hall food easily, so I end up getting a lot of sandwiches at the campus center; about three times a week. After the first initial months of trying all of my sandwichy options and realizing what I liked best I started memorizing the night staff, and noticed that the same, barely understandable Chinese guy was making my sandwiches every night. We started talking. A year and a half later he knows my major, asks me about my day, bitches at me for not wearing enough warm clothing (You get sick, you can no come to here, then who feed you?) and has memorized all of my various sandwiches. A few months ago, he told me that I am the only customer whose orders he has totally memorized at which point I felt huge swell of affection and happiness. I have perfected the timing of the operation--I have developed a sixth sense for when my sandwich will be ready and almost always arrive just as it is getting out of the grill. It's become a sort of joke between us; he insists that I'm spying on him, or else that I'm some sort of sandwich superhero, with ineffable Knowledge of the Grill.

I wish I knew more about Chinese Sandwich Guy. For somebody I see so often and joke with and complain with I realize I know almost nothing about him. A while ago we were having one of our weird quasi-over-the-counter conversations and it ended with him saying something along of the lines of 'Yes, because you are very smart" in response to something I had said and I nearly replied with "You make really great sandwiches!" and I felt like a total asshole.

In any case, I had a grilled cheese today, which he puts way more cheese in than he's allowed to by, I don't know, Sandwich Making Rules of The Campus Center. He leaned forward tonight over the counter and said, as if it were a secret "I put in six slices. Six." and smiled at me.

In conclusion, I ♥ you, Chinese Sandwich Guy. I really, really do.

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